X-Ray Facility

Crystal on GoniometerThe X-Ray facility in the Chemistry department at Mississippi State University hosts a BRUKER D8 VENTURE providing a state of art platform for small and medium sizes molecules analysis by X-ray diffraction using all dual wavelength combinations for Chemical crystallography and Protein Crystallography as well. This dual source system microfocus source Copper/Molybdenum is equipped with a three-circle Fixed CHI at 54.7 deg sample stage goniometer, providing an open geometry allowing an easy mounting of additional crystal-conditioning devices for additional in-situ experiments. A motorized 2nd generation Photon 100 CMOS detector capable of shutter-less data collection allows for a full analysis in one hour or less for a well diffracting sample. The system is also equipped with the latest version of nitrogen liquid cooling system: Cryostream 800 from Oxford Cryosystems allowing variable temperature experiments from the range of 100 to 300 K. We able to handle are minimum dimension of 0.01mm or even less. The X-ray facility at MSU Chemistry Department has full ability to handle highly air, temperature or moisture sensitive compounds. This state-of-the-art multipurpose system uses Cu or Mo radiation and is primarily designed for the analysis of small and medium sizes organics and organometallics molecules in the organic and organometallic fields but can be used for X-ray diffraction experiments on samples ranging from minerals to macromolecules. The system is also available for precise measurement of absolute structure determination of organics compound using Copper radiation or high resolution measurements for electronic densities studies. The spacious enclosure provide room enough to allow some extensions. Finally this system is complemented by the latest version of APEX3 software package including a highly intuitive user interface analysis, engines for twinned and intergrown samples, advanced structure solution, and refinement routines.

Users interested in scheduling time or training in the instruments housed in the X-ray Facility should contact Bruno Donnadieu.

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