Our department employs several programs to develop young chemists and to teach members of the community about the importance of chemistry in their lives. Major goals of our outreach include increasing general interest in chemistry, establishing relationships between professional chemists and the community, and encouraging training in chemistry at the college level and beyond. A sampling of the programs are listed below.

Biochemistry Boot Camp

Since 2011, Biochemistry Boot Camp has been offered at the beginning of each summer to train new undergraduate MSU researchers in lab safety, the best practices, and computer skills for biochemistry and molecular biology research. Topics include molecular visualization, protein and DNA structure, homology modeling, and basic bioinformatics. Participation is free, and students from MSU and beyond are welcome to participate in this three-day program. For more information, visit the Boot Camp Website or contact Dr. Nicholas Fitzkee.

Student Members of the American Chemical Society

The MSU SMACS (Student Members of the American Chemical Society) is part of the national American Chemical Society. MSU SMACS strives to cultivate leadership and promote science through education and demonstration. To achieve these goals, MSU SMACS offers leadership roles in officer and committee head positions.  It also encourages personal initiative in its members to develop creative ideas for fundraising, awareness, promotion, social, and educational events. Meetings are open to anyone interested in chemistry and educating the community. For more information, contact Dr. Eric Dornshuld or visit the SMACS Facebook Page.