Pre-Med and Undergraduate Careers

Pre-Med and Undergraduate Careers

Chemistry is the central science and earning a degree in chemistry is great preparation for high-paying careers in healthcare, manufacturing, and technology. Look around you: nearly everything you interact with involves polymers, biomolecules, catalysts, materials, or pigments. It's all chemistry!

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Pre-Med / Pre-Dental / Pre-Pharmacy Programs

Chemistry is a great major to prepare for a career in the health sciences! Chemists traditionally score higher on the MCAT, and the courses you take in chemistry are precisely what medical and pharmacy schools are looking for. Degree options include:

  • The BS Pre-Med/Pre-Dental Degree allows students to enter medical or dental school with all the required courses.
  • The BA Pre-Health Professions Degree creates a streamlined pathway to medical school and other pre-health professional schools. It offers more flexibility for programs like physician's assistant (PA) school, nursing school, etc.
  • The BS Pre-Pharmacy Degree prepares students to enter any pharmacy program in the southeast.

Chemistry Programs

Chemistry provides students with rigorous training in science and technology. As a chemist, you will learn valuable quantitative skills that will prepare you for a great job! Degree options include:

  • The BS Degree prepares students for careers in chemistry, including materials engineering, polymers, clinical diagnostics, and more.
  • The BS with ACS Certification prepares students for graduate school and advanced research in chemistry, including biological chemistry, synthetic chemistry, analytical chemistry, or physical chemistry.

Phi Beta Kappa (ΦΒΚ)

Phi Beta Kappa is the nation's oldest and most prestigious undergraduate honor society. Many of our majors have high GPAs and are eligible for induction into this prestigious society. Moreover, as students in the College of Arts & Sciences, chemistry majors already have all of the technical and humanities courses to meet the requirements for ΦΒΚ membership.

However, membership in ΦΒΚ also requires mastery of a foreign language, and students who are interested should consider taking up to a fourth semester (or equivalent) in a foreign language of their choice, and this is not normally required. It is easy to work in, but it may require some planning; be sure to talk to your advisor if you are interested!