SMACS Wins ACS ChemLuminary

The Mississippi State University Student Members of the American Chemical Society (SMACS), an...

Chemistry Takes Six Awards At MSU Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium

Six students performing research in the Department of Chemistry won awards for best poster...

Dr. Sid Creutz Joins MSU Chemistry Department

Versatile inorganic chemist pursuing bioinspired solutions, nanomaterials, and energy research...

Established Main Group Chemist, Dr. Miguel Munoz, joins MSU Chemistry as Associate Professor

Dr. Munoz received his BSc Degree in Chemistry (1992) and his Ph.D. Degree in Chemistry with honors...

More Highlights

The Zhang Group discovered that both light scattering and fluorescence (not light scattering alone assumed in existing literature) can contribute to...

The Webster Group and collaborators report the first self-sensitized homogeneous photocatalyst for H2 production. A previously reported di-Fe complex...

The recent work by Todd Mlsna group has been featured on the front cover of ACS Applied Nano Materials (June issue). This graphic illustrates...

September 20, 2019

Dr. Colleen Scott

Department of Chemistry

Mississippi State University

September 27, 2019

Dr. Tim Brewster

Department of Chemistry

University of Memphis

October 4, 2019

Dr. Christopher Annesley

Air Force Research Laboratory

Kirtland Air Force Base