December 2018 PhD Chemistry Graduates and Faculty at Commencement

At the December 2018 Commencement, the Department of Chemistry had six PhD and one MS graduates

MSU SMACS Gets Honorable Mention for 2017

The Mississippi State University chapter of the Student Members of the American Chemical Society (...

Chemistry Majors Honored at Scholarship Recognition Ceremony

The Department of Chemistry is proud to acknowledge 21 chemistry majors who were recent recipients...

More Highlights

The Zhang Group investigated porphyrin assembly and disassembly with their newly developed Polarized Resonance Synchronous Spectroscopy (PRS2)...

The Webster Group and collaborators report structural modifications of molecular cobalt catalysts that provide important insights into the structure–...

The Zhang Group demonstrated that NaHS induces complete displacement of ligands from AuNPs. The model ligands include the aliphatic and aromatic...

March 29, 2019

Prof. Elyssia S. Gallagher

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Baylor University

April 5, 2019

Prof. George B. Richter-Addo

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

The University of Oklahoma