MS State Department of Chemistry Safety Protocols


Safety First
…always...and last

Safety starts with good practices…

  • WIDSIO – When In Doubt Shout It Out!!!
  • An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure!
  • Prevent incidents by being prepared and knowledgeable
  • Follow your group’s standard operating procedures - SOPs
  • Discuss deviations from SOPs with lab mates and PIs
  • Openly communicate with peers and PIs any concerns
  • USE PPE – glasses, gloves, coats…
  • Check the SDS
  • Know the location of the safety equipment in your lab

But if something does go wrong…

  • If there is a fire, pull the fire alarm.
  • If there is a fire, if appropriate, use the fire extinguisher, then pull the fire alarm, dial 911, and/or call UPD (662-325-2121)
  • If there is a major solvent spill, confine the area (close doors), evacuate the area, and notify the front office.
  • If someone is injured, seek medical attention. Longest Health Center is across the street.
  • If someone is unconscious call 911, then try to administer first aid. Direct emergency responders when they arrive.

In all cases, when something goes wrong (fire, spill, injury, etc.) a report must be submitted to your PI and the faculty chair of the DSC, In this way, the DSC can continually assess the safety needs of the department and enact necessary changes to keep the researchers safe and productive.