Christopher Johnson

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Christopher Johnson

Assistant Professor

B.S. Chemistry, State University of New York, Fredonia, 2005
M.S. Biochemistry, Georgia State Univeristy, 2008
Ph.D. Chemistry, Georgia State University, 2012

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Research Interests

Dr. Johnson is a structural biologist that utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach to understand how calcium modifies the function of proteins in excitable cells such as ion channels. Working at the interface of science and medicine his work combines structural biology, biophysics and electrophysiology to understand how the intra cellular calcium sensing protein “Calmodulin” transduces changes in calcium concentration. By developing a detailed understanding of structure (NMR), function (whole cell patch clamp) , and timing (stopped-flow)  we seek to: (1) understand mechanisms that govern physiology and genetically driven disease, (2) develop small molecule probes that test our models and (3) explore novel strategies for treating disease.

Research positions are currently available for passionate dedicated people who want to make a difference through science.

If you are interested in joining our team please email Dr. Johnson ( and arrange a time for a lab tour.

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