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B.S. Chemistry, Davidson College, Davidson, NC
Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Texas-Austin, Austin, TX

Research interests in the Deb Mlsna group focus on Chemical Education and learning pathways for undergraduate students. We are involved in numerous projects that focus on the development of critical thinking skills, interaction among students in laboratory environments, factors that impact student success, and incorporation of novel teaching approaches and materials that encourage student understanding.  The development of supportive environments for undergraduate education is our priority.  This principle supports academic success for our students and further explores the interactions that impact understanding.

Many of the programs supported through our research group enhance research experiences for undergraduate students.  Our multi-year highly successful REU-INFEWS program supports students from across the country to explore issues of Food, Energy and Water Security.  Focus on biofuels, water purification and soil augmentation link research projects across campus that train students in environmental issues and global thinking. This program also encourages entrepreneurial thinking for students as we focus upon the dynamics of starting and running a small business.

Our 2019 Summer Research Cohort supported a total of 41 students in research activities (shown at Undergraduate Symposium with research mentors).  The REU-INFEWS program, other external funding sources, and the MSU Department of Chemistry all supported students for participation.

In addition, Deb Mlsna is co-PI for the NSF S-STEM program: Mathematics as a Common Language in Science, which supports students through scholarships and research experiences to follow STEM careers in the physical sciences.  Cohorts of students benefit from supportive mentoring experiences and outreach to connect with other students interested in STEM careers.

STEM Students included with the Alternative Energy in Iceland and Scandinavia course run by Drs. Todd and Deb Mlsna.  Students enjoyed hiking and studying geothermal energy in Iceland.

Research within the Deb Mlsna lab centers on two broad categories:
Critical Thinking and Metacognition in the Classroom
Our work focuses on the development of critical thinking skills in the General Chemistry classroom.  A highly successful recitation program supports General Chemistry I and encourages student interactions through peer mentoring.  Much of our current research focus explores peer interactions through group quiz assignments and peer interactions. Eye-tracking studies are used to gain insight into how students interact with word problems during these exercises.

Laboratory Learning

A second focus in our research group is the development of undergraduate experiments to stimulate learning in the laboratory.  Many of our experiments are based on the research activities occurring in our department with a focus toward relevant, real world experiences related to environmental, biochemical, and nanoparticle topics.

Students interested in Research

We are always looking for quality graduate and undergraduate researchers to join our research team. Graduate students interested in joining the lab should be focused on teaching as a career path since the chemical education pathway focuses on the training of instructors and future faculty members.  Statistical analysis will be a required skill although prior experience in statistics isn’t necessary. For undergraduates advanced coursework is not required provided you possess enthusiasm and interest in education-focused research. Freshmen and sophomores have been successful in the group and are encouraged to inquire about open positions.

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