Main Group Lewis Acids: Applications in Anion Transport and Catalysis

Friday, March 12, 2021

Dr. François Gabbaï

Department of Chemistry

Texas A&M University

Friday, March 12th 2021 at 3:30 PM in Hand 1100

Abstract:  Our group has established a tradition in the chemistry of main group Lewis acids as molecular recognition units for anions or as electron-acceptor ligands for late transition metals.  This presentation, which builds on this tradition, will cover two areas of recent interest.  The first area is that of transmembrane anion transport which, we discovered, is readily promoted by main group cations such as telluronium and stibonium cations.  The second one concerns the use of carbenium ions (C+) as σ-acceptor ligands for late transition metals (M).  In addition to characterizing atypical M→C+ interactions, our results also suggest that such interactions can be used to bolster the reactivity of transition metals.

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