Giant Metallo-Supramolecules: From Synthesis to Characterizations

Friday, February 19, 2021

Dr. Bo Song

Department of Chemistry

Northwestern University

Friday, February 19th 2021 at 3:30 PM in Hand 1100

Abstract:  Coordination-driven self-assembly as a bottom-up approach has witnessed a rapid growth in the past few decades. Challenges still remain, however, within both the construction of giant architectures in terms of high efficiency and complexity, as well as effective structural characterizations. Inspired by Nature, especially the self-assemblies of DNA and peptides, we have constructed a series of giant 2D and 3D metallo-supramolecular architectures with increasing complexity through rational design of the ligands. A combination of various techniques, including NMR, MS, TEM, STM, AFM, as well as UHV-LT-STM have been applied toward the characterizations of these intricate structures. The success of the self-assemblies has revealed the potential of such strategies of constructing giant supramolecular architectures in a controlled manner. The manifold characterizations, on the other hand, have paved the way for their future applications.

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