Development of Selective Reactions for Organic Synthesis

Friday, October 19, 2018

Prof. Oleg Larionov

University of Texas at San Antonio

Hand Lab 1144, 3:30 PM

Oleg LarionovAbstract: Development of selective synthetic methods remains a significate challenge. In this seminar we will discuss our efforts in the area of photoinduced and catalytic synthetic methodology.

Photoinduced reactions offer a number of synthetic advantages over other methods. In many cases, photoinduced methods enable an efficient synthesis using light as the only source of activation of strong bonds. Photoactivation enables access to intermediates that are not accessible by thermal activation, e.g., triplet excited states and highly strained trans-cycloalkenes. Methods of functionalization of strong C-F and C-N bonds, photoinduced dual functionalization of C-X and C-H bonds, as well as carboborative ring contraction will be discussed. The developed functionalization and ring contraction methods afford versatile organoboron products that can be used in the synthesis of natural products, bioactive compounds, and heterocycles.
In addition, new palladium-catalyzed regio- and stereoselective dienylation of haloarenes, and related compounds will be presented. The new method allows for a rapid and selective synthesis of conjugated dienes and polyenes from simple precursors.

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