Chemistry Advisory Board

David Wigley, Chair

MSU B.S. Soil Science (1977) / B.S. Chemistry (1979)
Ph.D., Inorganic Chemistry (Purdue, 1983), J.D., Law (University of Arizona, 2000)
Partner, Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, LLP
College A&S Dean’s Advisory Board member
David Wigley Endowed Scholarship

Lester Andrews

MSU B.S. Chemical Engineering (1963)
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, University of Virginia
Lester Andrews Endowed Graduate Symposium in Chemistry

George Kappler

MSU B.S. (1969)
Kappler Protective Apparel & Fabrics
George Kappler Endowed Chemistry Excellence Fund

Tracy Whitehead

MSU B.S. Chemistry (1994) / M.S. Chemistry (1997) / Ph. D. (1999)
M.B.A., Webster University (2016)
DuPont Senior Research Scientist

Patsy Fowlkes

MSU B.S. Biochemistry (1974)
Partner with Medicines Company
Named Fowlkes Auditorium in Colvard Student Union