The MSU SMACS (Student Members of the American Chemical Society) is part of the national organization, the American Chemical Society. MSU SMACS strives to cultivate leadership and promote science through education and demonstration. To achieve these goals, MSU SMACS offers leadership roles in officer and committee head positions.  The organization continues to further these goals by encouraging personal initiative in its members to develop creative ideas for fundraising awareness, promotion, social, and educational events. MSU SMACS supports members in their attendance and participation at chemistry conferences to encourage networking and career development.

How to Join:

To become a member of MSU SMACS, go to and sign up for national membership. Then join us at the MSU SMACS biweekly meetings held in Hand Lab on the MSU campus on Thursday evenings at 6:00.

Not sure about joining? The meetings are open to anyone that is interested in chemistry and educating the community: so come by and see if SMACS is for you.

Benefits of Being a Member of SMACS:

  1. Getting involved in a student organization is a great opportunity to meet new people, such as fellow students and faculty members.
  2. Each member will have various opportunities to be involved within the department of Chemistry, the campus, and the community.
  3. Students gain hands on experience through demonstrations.
  4. Members stay connected in the science community through ACS membership.
  5. Students gain insight into different career options in chemistry.
  6. SMACS sponsors service projects allowing members to give back to the community.
  7. SMACS is fun, and anyone can join and be a part of the great MSU chapter!!

MSU SMACS Travel Requirements

2018-2019 Officers

Position Officer
President Zoe Fokakis
Vice President Olivia Murtagh
Secretary Ruby Hall
Treasurer Sydney Canaday
Historian Keeley Russel
Consultant Allie Hanson
Faculty Advisor Dr. Eric Van Dornshuld






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