MSU Research Featured on the Cover of Organometallics

October 24, 2016

Organometallics Cover

Research by the Hollis and Webster groups was recently featured on the cover of the ACS journal Organometallics.

Improving imido ligand reactivity in transition metal complexes through π-loading was originally applied to C–H bond activation for methane, but recently has seen renewed interest for a broader range of applications. A bent bis(imido)Ta fragment has three open coordination sites, and the monoanionic CCC-NHC pincer ligand provides a spatially aligned, strong donor for each. Thus, the maximal orbital interactions, or extreme π-loading, are accomplished providing a complex that, despite the presence of LiI, catalyzes oxidative amination/transfer hydrogenation involving a C–H bond activation.

The cover art was produced by MSU's Anna Zollicoffer, based on a concept by Ted Helgert, a postdoc in the Hollis group.

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