Single molecule optoelectronics expert, Dr. Kun Wang, Joins MSU Chemistry as an Assistant Professor

Image of Single molecule optoelectronics expert, Dr. Kun Wang, Joins MSU Chemistry as an Assistant Professor

We are pleased to announce Dr. Kun Wang will be joining our department this fall! He is an expert in the chemistry and physics of single molecule optoelectronics, and, thus, will be jointly appointed in the Department of Physics & Astronomy. He will meet a critical need within the Center for Emergent Molecular Optoelectronics (CEMO) and experimental chemical physics at MSU.

Dr. Wang earned his Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Georgia in Athens, and is currently a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan. During his doctoral work he published landmark papers on single molecule junctions. He detailed single molecules as rectifiers, charge transporters, and electron transports.  As a postdoctoral associate, he has extended the methods employed during his doctoral work to nanomaterial and supra-molecular structure properties and has demonstrated Peltier cooling at the molecular level.

Dr. Wang will establish a laboratory at MSU focusing on extending our understanding of the physics and chemistry of single molecules, supra-molecules and nanomaterials with cutting-edge, futuristic, molecule-level electronic device applications. This understanding is necessary to continue our development of faster, smaller, and more-powerful computers and devices that are ubiquitous today. It will also impact the development of autonomous devices and our energy security. Dr. Keith Hollis, associate professor of chemistry said, “He will expand our understanding of the most basic and fundamental science of single molecule, which is necessary if we ever hope to apply spintronics or to maximize molecular optoelectronics applications.”

“After an astonishingly successful graduate career with 8 first author and 1 solo author publication, and an equally successful postdoctoral campaign, Dr. Wang brings an entirely new field of science to MSU and will attract the best students,” said Professor of Chemistry and Department Head, Dr. Dennis Smith. “We know he will become accomplished at MSU in record time. His work is competitive for the most prestigious early career research grants from all major funding agencies.”

Please join us in congratulating, Kun, and in welcoming him to the Department of Chemistry!

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