Nick Fitzkee Awarded $2.45 Million in Research Funding

Image of Nick Fitzkee Awarded $2.45 Million in Research Funding

Mississippi State's very own Nicholas Fitzkee, associate professor in the Department of Chemistry, lands $1.8 million NIH R01 award and $650,000 NSF MCB award.

Fitzkee's NIH funding will be appropriated over five years and will provide support for a “discrete, specified, circumscribed project” for health-related research and development based on the mission of the NIH.  An R01 is the original and oldest grant mechanism used by NIH, which is comprised of institutes and centers supporting specific areas of health-related research. Almost all NIH institutes and centers fund R01 grants.  For more information on the NIH, visit 
Recipients of an R01 must compete with people from elite universities across the country and are typically determined to be in the top ten percent of their field. Fitzkee's grant-funded study is called “the structure, orientation and competitive interactions of s. epidermidis biofilm proteins on surfaces.”

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In addition, Fitzkee's NSF award will be appropriated over three years and will provide support for his “NMR-Based Approaches for Investigating Protein-Surface Interactions" study.

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