Research Opportunities for Undergraduates

Interested in Undergraduate Research?

Chemistry is one of the strongest undergraduate research departments at MSU.  Students can learn hands- on skills for their future career or expand their resume with publications and presentations on their work.  Consider getting involved in undergraduate research today!

Undergraduate Research for Course Credit

You can earn class credit for research hours which count toward graduation.  Here is how you can get involved:

Finding a Research Professor:  If you want to connect in with a research opportunity, do the following:

  • Explore the faculty websites below and find one or two research professors doing interesting work.
  • Email them.  Explain who are, a little about yourself (year, courses, career focus) and ask the professor if they have room for undergraduate students to get involved.  
  • Follow instructions from professor to sign up for course credit or volunteer!

MSU Chemistry Summer Research Program

We are accepting applications again for our competitive 10-week Summer Research Program.  This program is limited to chemistry majors.

  • Earn $12.50 per hour for 200 hours of summer research work.
  • Connect in with summer training held by the MSU REU-INFEWS Program.
  • For more information, contact Applications are due by 5 PM, Apr 5th, 2023.
  • Click Here to Apply!

Co-ops and Internships

  • Chemistry has an evolving list of companies that offer co-ops and internships to chemistry majors.  Check with the Undergraduate Coordinator for current opportunities.

Faculty Research Pages

Learn more about research happening in the department.

Analytical Biochemistry Chemical Education Computational Environmental Inorganic Organometallic Organic Materials/Polymer Physical
Todd Mlsna Joseph Emerson Teresa Brown Eric Van Dornschuld Todd Mlsna Sid Creutz Sid Creutz Xin Cui Nicholas Fitzkee Nicholas Fitzkee
Vicky Montiel-Palma Nicholas Fitzkee Deb Mlsna Nicholas Fitzkee Dinesh Mohan Xin Cui Xin Cui Keith Hollis Mahesh Gangishetty Mahesh Gangishetty
Miguel Munoz Christopher Johnson Whitnee Nettles Steven Gwaltney   Bruno Donnadieu Keith Hollis Miguel Munoz Keith Hollis Steven Gwaltney
Amanda Patrick Charles Edwin Webster Laura Smith Miguel Munoz   Joseph Emerson Vicky Montiel-Palma Colleen Scott Miguel Munoz Amanda Patrick
David O. Wipf Dongmao Zhang Becca Ward Charles Edwin Webster   Mahesh Gangishetty Miguel Munoz Dennis Smith Colleen Scott Kun Wang
Dongmao Zhang         Keith Hollis Dennis Smith Sean Stokes Dennis Smith Charles Edwin Webster
          Todd Mlsna Charles Edwin Webster Snow Xu Kun Wang Dongmao Zhang
          Vicky Montiel-Palma     Charles Edwin Webster  
          Miguel Munoz     David O. Wipf  
          Charles Edwin Webster     Dongmao Zhang