Distance Education

Courses Available

CH 1043 Survey of Chemistry 1
Three hours lecture. The nature of chemistry and its applications. For non-chemistry majors. The course provides a general knowledge of chemistry and science for practical applications in various non-science careers.

CH 1051 Experimental Chemistry
Three hours laboratory. A virtual laboratory to accompany CH 1043. Experiments designed to illustrate the practical aspects and concepts of chemistry.

CH 1053 Survey of Chemistry 2
(Pre-requisite: CH 1043).  Three hours lecture. The nature of chemistry and its applications. Designed for non-chemistry majors. Building on the principles from Survey 1, this course includes current concepts such as sustainability, energy, Environmental, and green chemistry to engage students in connecting chemistry to the real world.

CH 1073 Preparatory Chemistry
Three Hours lecture. A review of basic concepts and mathematical tools crucial to study and understand fundamental chemistry concepts. Recommended for students who may need additional preparation in chemistry before undertaking the general chemistry CH 1213/1223 sequence. This course does not satisfy the University Core Curriculum science requirement and may not be used for major or minor credit.

For more information on these courses and our Distance Education Program, please contact Dr. Laura Smith