Career Opportunities in Chemistry


The U.S. chemical industry is huge and employs a large number of B.S. chemists. The most common type of position is as an analytical chemist to monitor the composition of chemicals that are purchased and produced. Companies that have a large product line of organic and inorganic chemicals typically have centralized research and development laboratories which employ Ph.D., M.S., and B.S. chemists. Production facilities of these companies will also employ M.S. or B.S. analytical chemists. Pharmaceutical companies employ chemists of all educational levels. 

Many chemistry companies have web sites from which much can be learned about career opportunities in chemistry as well as about chemistry. Some examples are listed below. 

Pharmaceutical companies:

Graduate School

Many of our majors have continued their education in chemistry graduate schools. Most elect to attend Ph.D. granting institutions and are awarded teaching assistantships. Our graduates have received teaching assistantships and attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Emory University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Texas A&M University, The University of Texas at Austin, and others. 

Medical and Dental Professional Schools

Students who wish to go to medical and dental school must have an undergraduate degree. Many of those who enter these professional schools have a B.S. in chemistry. 




B.S. chemistry majors with appropriate education courses can teach in high schools. M.S. or Ph.D. chemistry majors teach in community colleges. Ph.D. chemistry majors are qualified to teach in colleges and universities. 

More Information

Additionally, the American Chemical Society (ACS) maintains career services web pages which have information about careers in chemistry. You may also wish to post your resume with ACS or similar sites. Another useful chemistry job search engine is:

If you would like to discuss career opportunities in chemistry in more detail, feel free to contact one of the chemistry department faculty members.