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Todd Mlsna

Todd Mlsna

Associate Professor of Analytical Chemistry

B.S. Albion College, 1985
Ph.D. University of Texas, Austin 1991
email: Dr. Mlsna
telephone: (662) 325-6744
Lab website:

Research Interests

Dr. Mlsna and Students

Research interests in the Todd Mlsna group are in the general areas of Analytical and Inorganic Chemistry. Our diverse projects focus on development of biofuels, chemical sensors and environmental monitoring. Our bio-fuel work centers on the development of stable, energy rich fuels using only biomass of a feedstock. Our work with miniature chemical sensors encompasses both basic and applied research with a broad range of applications from environmental monitoring, to health diagnostics, to protecting soldiers on the battlefield. Our work on environmental monitoring focuses on tracking chemicals of emerging concerns including pharmaceuticals, pesticides and toxic metals.

Since Joining MSU


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  19. Book Chapters (Since Joining MSU)

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  21. Extended Conference Proceedings (Since Joining MSU)

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  29. Patents (Since Joining MSU)

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  31. Lab Manual (Since Joining MSU)

  32. Deb Mlsna, Jack Randall, William Tolley and Todd Mlsna, ‘Gas Chromatography Investigations with the Mini GC’ – User Manual for the Vernier Mini Gas Chromatograph, 2009.